Children’s Schola!



From the music page at the Cathedral of St. Paul website.

Children’s Schola resumes rehearsal on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 from 3:45-4:30PM! If your child is interested in joining, please contact the Director of Music at the email or phone number below. Our curriculum is based on an entire year, so it is important to sign up soon!

Winter of 2014 began a new and exciting development in music at the cathedral. Throughout the history of the Latin Rite, sacred music was sung at the liturgy and taught through generations by the school of singers known as a schola cantorum. The schola was made up of men and boys who studied the sacred, liturgical music of the Church. After initial establishment in the first millennium by the pope, scholae cantorum appeared throughout the Christian West as a way of providing music that could not be performed by an entire congregation. While our Schola Cantorum includes boys and girls, the mission is the same: to preserve Gregorian chant and the treasury of Catholic sacred music for catechesis and evangelization, as well as to beautify the sacred liturgy and instill a love of sacred liturgy in children.

If you are (or have): a child in grades 3-8; can commit to a weekly rehearsal and frequent performance; can (or want to learn how to) read modern musical notation and Gregorian chant; enjoy singing and learning with others, then the Schola Cantorum might be for you! Rehearsals are weekly on Wednesday from 3:45-4:30PM, while Masses and other services sung are TBD by the Director of Music in consultation with parents.

For more information, please contact the Director of Music, Bruce Ludwick, Jr., at or 205.251.1279×107.

From an informational email: 

1)      Your child will learn how to sing healthily, making the most of their vocal potential.  This pays many dividends, including their self-esteem and development as individuals. 

2)      Your child will learn both modern and Gregorian musical notation, along with solfege.  These skills carry over to EVERY aspect of musicianship, both in the singing voice and with instruments.

3)      Rehearsals will begin and end promptly; they will be energetic, uplifting, and disciplined! 

4)      Membership is limited to grades 3-8.  This is very important, as it allows us to mentor younger singers with the older ones, while recognizing that those younger than grade 3 might not be able to keep up with the work load or singing demands.

5)      We will sing a few times this Fall, and then every six weeks or so in the Spring, size of group permitting.

6)      Your child’s participation will in no way negatively affect their participation in your home parish, should you not be Cathedral parishioners.  We want to be “good neighbors”!



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2016 Homeschool Mass

All Catholic homeschoolers from the Diocese of Birmingham – from anywhere in the diocese, using any cover schools –  are invited to a Beginning of the Year Mass at the Cathedral of St. Paul in Birmingham. Mark your calendars for the Mass , to  be celebrated, along with the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Thursday, September 8 at 10 AM.  Come join other Catholic homeschoolers to begin the school year in prayer and fellowship!
Bishop Robert J. Baker will be the celebrant, with other priests of the diocese concelebrating. We are very grateful for their support and for the support of the Cathedral and diocesan staff!
There will be very light refreshments after the Mass.  No organized programming is planned, but there will be time and space to network with other homeschoolers and exchange ideas in your particular area of interest – homeschooling high school;special needs; curriculum chat; arts lessons, and so on.
So come, pray, fellowship and then make plans with friends to enjoy some of the wonderful resources Birmingham has to offer – go to the (free) Birmingham Museum of Art or the (free) Birmingham Botanical Gardens, hit McWane, the Vulcan, play at Railroad Park or go visit EWTN!

Please spread the word!

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St. Thomas Academy

Spring registration is happening!

Go here for more information on these great classes – my 10 year old son LOVED both the drama and History of Science classes.



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Volleyball at St. Rose

This just in:

Do you know of any homeschool families that might be interested in having their daughters or sons participate in sports at St Rose?They have just completed volleyball registration but their flea team (3rd and 4th grade) could use a few more players. Boys and girls are welcome to play 3-6 grades and girls in 7-8. They would have to be attending a PSR program at one of the parishes to participate.

St. Rose Academy website

Contact St. Rose at 933-0549

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Deo Gratias!

It was a great celebration of Mass today –  I didn’t count, but at least two hundred homeschoolers and their families came for a prayerful beginning of the school year.  At least! 

Many thanks to Father Bazzel and the concelebrating priests – Fr. Jerabek of St. Barnabas and Holy Rosary, Fr. Booth of Blessed Sacrament, and Fr. Vu of St. Stephen’s Catholic Center at UAB.  Servers, cantor and lectors were all homeschoolers.

Thank you, too, to Bruce Ludwick, Cathedral Music Director. 

I didn’t enlists anyone to take photos, but thank goodness Fr. Vu was prepared!

Look for a similar event during Advent. We’ll start planning soon, but we hope that in addition to Mass, we’ll have an opportunity to break the children up into age groups and have them do Advent-related crafts (with perhaps something a bit different for the older kids).

If anyone is interested in helping, please contact me!

Watch this space for news on that score.

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St. Thomas Aquinas Academy

New this fall!  

St. Thomas Aquinas Academy is a Catholic co-op designed to supplement and support Birmingham, Alabama homeschooling families in the pursuit of beauty, truth, and knowledge.


For class listings go here. 

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Homeschool Tutor

Laurie will be at the Homeschool Mass on Augusts 26, so you’ll have a chance to meet and talk with her there:

My name is Laurie Hill, and I am a retired K-6 teacher from Prince of Peace Catholic School. I am available to the Homeschooling community for individual or small group tutoring. I have 18+ years of teaching experience and have done individual tutoring for at least ten years. I live in the city of Helena but am able to travel. If you have any questions please call or email me at: 205-383-5553,

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